Anti-PAR Polyclonal Antibody Affinity Purified

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4336-APC-050 Anti-PAR Polyclonal Antibody Affinity Purified50 µl$365.00


For Western and dot blotting, an antibody dilution of 1:1000 is recommended. For ELISA at 1:4000 antibody dilution is recommended. Empirical determination of antibody dilutions will be required for optimum results.

A rabbit polyclonal antibody raised against poly(ADP-ribose) (PAR) polymer. The anti-PARpolyclonal antibody can be used to detect ribosylated proteins by immunodetection. Trevigen's PARP treated control protein (4500-10-P) and PAR polymer (catalog # 4336-100-01) may be used as positive controls.


This polyclonal antibody is a purified IgG fraction in 1X PBS containing 50% glycerol.


Poly(ADP-ribose) polymer


This polyclonal antibody detects free PAR and poly-ribosylated proteins.


-20°C (manual defrost freezer)


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